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Case Study: VS Event Staffing

Boutique event management agency VS Event Staffing initially reached out to Montreal Graphic Design to revamp its website. After just one consultation, creativity sparked and the mandate transformed from a simple website facelift to a full-service rebranding initiative.

Website Development

The new website was built from the ground up. The first step was to create a template. All coding and programming was performed in-house. The client maintained a voice throughout the entire creation process—a dialogue that eliminated any structural constraints for the VS Marketing Team and ensured all deadlines were met worry-free.

Website Design and Media creation

Montreal Graphic Design selected the website’s colour scheme and typography. We went with pinks and soft beiges for the dominant and background colours, which reflect the brand’s playfulness and smooth services. For fonts, Playfair Display serves as an elegant H1 and Body. A Montserrat Black H2 evokes assertiveness and the company’s get-it-done attitude.

We worked with the photographer to select and touch-up all photos appearing on the site. We were also commissioned to produce a homepage video, conceived and assembled using photos already available to the team. Using existing media to create something new kept everything well within budget yet allowed for those engaging extras that the VS Team was looking for.

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Client Testimonial: From the Client’s Mouth

“Montreal Graphic Design is in a class all its own! Its team is kind, compassionate, helpful and exceptionally talented. They went above, beyond and around the corner to put something together that exceeded our expectations. They’re literally available 24/7! The team at Montreal Graphic Design makes everything easy to understand and doesn’t overcharge like most other companies out there! They made it super easy to get our website up and running. From the team at VS: we thank you!”

You shouldn’t have to wait for great design. Skip the wait, contact us directly.
You shouldn’t have to wait for great design.
Skip the wait, contact us directly.

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