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Web Design

Mose Home

Mose Home Inspection Services is a respected company in Montreal that provides home inspections and other related services. Many established location-based services struggle with digital assets like websites, logos, print materials, and more.

Montreal Graphic Design helped Mose Home Inspection Services overcome this hurdle with a complete redesign of the majority of their digital assets, which helped them cement themselves as an industry leader in the Montreal area.

The company is working to build trust with today’s busy millennials. They knew they needed their brand to stand out if they wanted to capture their attention.

Services Provided

Website Optimization
Newsletter Design
Business Card Design
Brochure & Flyer Design
Website Maintenance

The Problem

The majority of the home inspection services in the Montreal area are currently being misrepresented by outdated websites and other dated digital assets. Common issues that are plaguing the industry include: Outdated websites, poorly written copy, mismatched or dated color schemes, dysfunctional user experience (UX), high bounce rates

The main competitors to Mose Home Inspection Services, including YG Inspection, Montreal Pro Inspection, and Montreal Home Inspection Services Inc. all had so little traffic that their numbers were unreported. Based on this, it is clear that the majority of home inspection services in the Montreal area need to improve their user experience if they want to increase their traffic and user retention rates.

The Solution

Montreal Graphic Design helped transform Mose Home Inspection Services by completely redesigning the majority of their digital assets.

It was determined that Mose Home Inspection Services needed to refresh the majority of it digital assets if it wanted to continue to maintain its high ranking on Google for relevant home inspection keywords. The current Google algorithm favors responsive design that caters to the user experience.

While Google never openly confirms their methodology, they did suggest that they believe the user experience is an important factor.

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Let’s work together to build something great.

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